Brian Grillo

A Los Angeles artist and performer, Brian Grillo's first solo exhibition was at Rock Rose Gallery in Highland Park.

His vibrant paintings and papier mache figures often incorporate found objects and writings. All of which reflect his dynamic response to life’s daily discoveries and hard work ethic as an artist and musician learned from his Italian father and Irish mother.

The fun and daring imagery may also have come from his early interest in comic books, rock magazines, the Golden Age of Hollywood. His eventual visit to NY’s Time Square exposed him to the artwork adorning Coney Island’s old rides and the Zigfield Follies which resulted in his first band Grillo's Follies. He worked for a short stint with Tom Morello who moved on to form Rage Against the Machine and Brian formed his band Extra Fancy.

Brian is pleased he is still writing and painting. However his music took a turn after his friends started dying. The art and words got angrier. Right about the time he got his big record deal Rolling Stone outed him. He turned his death sentence lemons into lemonade. He is still here, painting and writing and is now ready to share his love.

--Hey Event