The Stamp Project w/ Circle of Women Artists, Avenue 50, & Self Help Graphics

THE STAMP PROJECT: Creating Cultural Currency, a Circle of Women Artists: Brought to us by Avenue 50, will be hung & re-exhibited & for sale representing artists, musicians, poets & writers who have created representations of their contributions to the Cultural Community of which they are a part. Each stamp is produced as a serigraph print; Each print an affirmation of contributions and values desired. They demonstrate positive affirmations of Peace & Love. Recognizing all positive qualities of our world in need of stimulation or cultivation: love, health, prosperity, compassion, forgiveness, and tolerance. The hope of this project aligns with the hope of our “Prayers” project & Casa 0101 Benefit Event: bringing attention to what is truly important, our shared voices & collective hopes of our people. Prayer's Launch, December 5th Art & Music Benefit Festival Event will include over 60 artists from the Stamp Project. (Full List of Artists to be updated soon)