Derek O'Brien

Derek O'Brien was the 1st drummer of Social Distortion, drummer for the Adolescents, Agent Orange, and Extra Fancy and is currently with the Sound Ministry Gurus.

Stan DeWitt and Derek O'Brien are the nucleus of this Full Service Music Production Team working to take your music beyond your wildest expectations. SMG is a full service production team headed by (Producer, Singer, Composer, Arranger, Multi Instrumentalist) Stan DeWitt & (Producer, Engineer, Songwriter, Percussionist) Derek O'Brien. "Between the 2 of us with our diverse backgrounds & many years of experience, we cover a lot of ground. We offer to Singers, Songwriter & Bands: co songwriting, pre production, full instrumentation (actual instruments played by humans) & orchestration - Horn sections, String sections all with arrangements, choral group, back up vocals, you name it, we can either play it, sing it or bring it in and arrange it), Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering. We also offer to some of our artists: back up band for live performance. SMG is also a band / Artist. We are currently working on a Rock Opera for our debut Cd to be released early in 2016. We are sneak previewing some of the songs live as well as backing up some of the artists we produce" -- Sound Ministry Gurus