Moonshine Wonderland

Moonshine Wonderland is an all-live eclectic group of LA based musicians, united in their quest to bring the good vibes and live music back to the young generation. Combining elements of Reggae, Hip Hop, Soul, and R&B, since June 2015 they have spent extensive time honing their craft, playing in venues all over Los Angeles and Southern California. Their most recent endeavor, The Moonshine Wonderland Live EP, was released in early 2016 and was recorded live at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA. The band consists of seven of the finest musicians LA has to offer. Anna “Luena” Cranmer and Dominique “Andre Hando” Lee make up the front of the band, weaving their voices into a tapestry of tropical ambience, smooth urban jams and tales of LA’s gritty side. Raymond Hart resides on the electric guitar providing spectacles on the fret board through his smooth leads and blues infused solos. Lauren Kleeman is the keeper of the keys, providing a seamlessly intertwined unique flavor to the bands diverse range of styles. Nathan Kasdorf is the top brass, sliding trombone harmony and blasting horn leads into Moonshine’s refined sound. The rhythm section is manned by Nathan Marquez on the drums, distorting the very meaning of “timing” with his tight rhythmic variations and Ben on the bass, acting as the glue of the groove and providing the warm deep tones that make up Moonshine’s chill vibe. Together these seven have striven to embody the core principles of DIY music by creating custom hand made merchandise, supporting local music and organizing local shows. Join the movement and shine with us!