photo: Tommy Blatnik

Par Avion

Par Avion plays a familiar blend of fun California surf rock sounds along with some fun nods to other genres and cultures. They'll go from Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire all the way to the 80s dance hit "The Lambada" and bring it all home with Dick Dale classic "Misirlou" (aka Pulp Fiction theme). They'll mix in some fantastic originals as well. This is a clever band designed to both raise the eyebrows of the most jaded listener as well as bring a smile to anyone who simply wants to hear some good music.

Guitarist and founder Bernard Yin has a long standing history in the LA music world and launched this project as a way for his wife Rebecca (bassist) to get her feet wet with live performance. Since then, the project has become more than they anticipated and they are now a somewhat serious performing and recording operation. They have even done shows in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Spain. They are joined at our event by Derek O'Brien on drums.