Spicy Fernandez

Spicy Fernandez features the music of Paul Terry, an artist whose sound reflects both his American roots and latin heritage, honors the creative spirit, and the traveler within. His mission is to share the dream of uniting people by promoting positive community through service and love to others.

He split the childhood years in Austin, TX and Madison WI respectively, where musical training and inspiration flourished before moving to LA and studying World music in the Ethnomusicology department at UCLA. After recording a few bedroom demos in 2012, forming a band and playing a couple of well received live shows, the group was approached by Warner Bros records to join one of their smaller labels and receive coaching up to the major label. But, for better or worse, internal conflicts broke up the band before any deal was signed. At the time, Paul was also preparing to become a father so the music career went on temporary hold while he adjusted to the new role.

As his two boys grow and flourish, a beautiful new pattern of life begins full of hope and love. There is space to once again turn attention to his first love, the creative offspring that fills the family home with the sounds of Indie rock, Soul, reggae, world music, hip hop and electronica. The new material is a living amalgamation of old angst and beloved musical phantoms reuniting in a laboratory of lofty dreams. Gradually the dreams become reality as the Frankenstein music monster takes shape. Lending to its form are the ever powerful sounds of punk and classic rock ethos, giving it intimacy you find touches of the singer-songwriter confessional.

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