Casa 0101 Presents

Prayers From LA

Art & Performance Benefit Festival

December 17, 2016

Saturday Night! Doors: 5:00PM, Performance: 6:00PM

Exhibit Runs Till February 2017

Inclusive "Prayers" Art Exhibit, Special Exhibitors
Special Performances & Benefit Concert
Local Vendors, Food & Drinks, Art Sale & Marketplace

In Memory of Those We've Lost


Located @ Casa0101

Saturday Night! Doors: 5:00PM, Performance: 6:00PM
Exhibit runs till Feb. 2017
Additional Parking available at 2130 E. 1st St. behind Boyle Heights City Hall Entrance on Chicago


We want to share and support one another through the precious and accessible medium of art and music.

Manifesto & Prayers Events Details

Our Invitation

We cordially invite you to participate in this year’s Prayers from LA, Art & Performance Benefit Festival at Casa0101. We believe that your participation is important and pertinent to the collection, exhibition, and documentation of these works, these events, and this movement. If you could create a work that reflects the things that you are most concerned with in this day and age, we believe we can bring together a strong encompassing group of works.

We ask that you represent your voice this year. What are your prayers, hopes, dreams, desires, wishes, concerns… for the world today? Share and exhibit your miniature “prayer” art piece this year.

“Some of us practice prayers day to day as a spiritual summoning composed of spoken word, altars and incense, some practice through mediation, and for others it’s just being able to visually articulate expressions of hope, love and peace. In this show, we will refer to the Concept of Prayer as a means to reflect our collective ties and social concerns in the world, in our society, community, our humanity.” – Margaret Garcia

We invite you to join this movement of “prayers” and come together, put egos aside, speak with each other through our artwork in a manner that cultivates positivism and community building. Let’s show each other, and our oppressors our humanity while we communicate in this artful and heartfelt way. Show what you are for, what you support, what you love… Come join us. Help us bring something special to the community, to support local artists and vendors, and to support the cause. Help us create a beautiful, holistic documentation and publication of the group of works represented by joining us with your art piece(s).

We would like to extend our invitation for you to come share your thoughts, concerns, and visual expressions in your medium of choice, to exhibit at the Jean Deleage Gallery at Casa0101.

Join us on December 17th, 2016
At Casa0101
2102 E. 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Doors Open: 5:00 PM

Performances Start: 6:00 PM


Featuring works of select artists from the greater Los Angeles area. Half the proceeds from all sales will go directly to support local charities.

Catalog & Pricing

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These local artists will entertain, touch, and inspire you.
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Local businesses will be providing food, beverages, art, crafts, fashion, and services for purchase.
Clothes and Accessories

Fashions and accessories this year provided by local fashion designers and artists. We welcome Lola Babe Fashions.


Amazing food from local eats! Welcome East LA BBQ Co. Looking forward to your specialties of BBQ Pork Ribs, Pulled Pork, Brisket, Chicken, Burgers, Sausages as well as a delicious Mexican food options. Welcome Three Radishes Eats! Looking forward to your small bites menu, your incredibly tasty and unique treats. Attendees will be pleased by our scrumptious food options this year.


We believe in art as a means of healing. The act of coming together and sharing our "prayers" and works with each other as an act of healing. Going with our theme of healing through art, we welcome Scentsible Life, Health & Wellness Center who will provide our attendees with mini aromatherapy and healing sessions on a donations basis. Also for sale are oils, scents, stones, and MORE.


We provide an Art Marketplace, a place for local artists to sell their work and benefit the community at the same time. Original artwork, posters, prints, t-shirts, cards, limited edition items, and more are all for sale. Start becoming a collector. Buy something to decorate your walls. Or come get something special for the holidays. Support your local artists, vendors, and community. Don't miss a special opportunity to purchase a limited number of Asian inspired ceramics from Douglas Louie.

Virtual Reality

VR Developer and Educator, Sky Nite, from Upload Collective will be conducting a VR demonstration including VR art programs for attendees to try. Please come early. First come first serve. Demo time is limited.

Raffles & Free Stuff

Come join us for raffles and free stuff. Your minimum donation of $5 will get you not just a nifty entry ticket memento, it will also be your entry into our raffle. Your purchase receipts are entered into a separate raffle. We thank you on all fronts. To our supporters, we are raffling artwork, limited edition signed posters, and MORE. Come on out and find out what we have in store for you. Join us.


Bring your own small prayer piece and we will hang it up on our prayer wall for everyone to enjoy. All are welcome.

Our Team

Check our awesome team members who are working hard to make this event possible. Thank You!
Margaret García
Artist Mentor Inspiration

Margaret conceived the "Prayers" concept and has been a mentor, inspiration, and champion for Prayers Worldwide.

Nataasja Saint-Satyr
Founder Organizer Curator

Nataasja founded Prayers Worldwide in 2015 as a way to promote art and music while helping her community. She is an artist, vocalist, writer, activist, entrepreneur, and avid ocean swimmer.

Paul Lee
Web Developer

Paul lives in Oakland, CA and created this webpage. He will help photograph the event and is Nataasja's right-hand man.

León Rechy

León will be filming and editing the documentary of the event in 2016.

Nancy Guan
Head Volunteer

Nancy is a student at Lincoln High and will be assisting Nataasja again this year as our go to volunteer.

Brett Doran

Brett will lend his photographing talents to document the event.

Josefina Lopez
Founder & Artistic Director

Josefina founded Casa0101 to bring live theater and her educational and cultural experiences to the community of Boyle Heights.

Emmanuel Deleage
Executive Director

Emmanuel Deleage is our main liaison with Casa 0101 and helps us keep the show running smoothly.

Sohail e. Najafi
Technical Director

Sohail is in charge of making sure everything looks and sounds great at the event and will help with all our technical issues.

Vincent Sanchez
Sound Technician

Vincent will make sure everything looks and sounds great at the event and will help with all our technical issues.

Jimmy Centeno
Art Gallery Curator

Jimmy is the resident curator at Casa0101 and will be lending his expertise to help make the art look their best.

Lupe Castro
Communications Coordinator

Guadalupe is the Communications and Outreach Coordinator and Casa0101. She will be helping us promote this great event.

Mark Kraus

Mark helps promote the event and will assist during the event.

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